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Warranty, service and sales return

  • All sales return policies are based on the Czech law and can are outlined in detail in the terms and conditions article 6. Here is a quick overview.
  • Some of the items we have in stock are hundreds of years old and are therefore labelled as "second hand items". Special warranty and sales return policies apply here. 
  • The warranty period for "second hand items" is 2 years.
  • When it comes to "second hand items", the seller is not responsible for any flaws, which clearly correspond with the age, history and the depreciation of the item over time, which the item had at the moment of the purchase.
  • The buyer is entitled to claim compensation for flaws, which appear in the item 24 months within its purchase. This right does not apply to items, where there has been given a special price or discount based on this flaw, which was caused by depreciation of the item over time.
  • More information about the sales return can be found here.