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How does it work?

Our online shopping process is simple and straightforward. It consists of 5 easy steps:

1. Select the merchandise
You have the option of selecting antiques out of 6 main categories: jewellery, paintings, glass, porcelain, clocks and watches, the others as well as a number of sub categories. Our e-shop allows you to filter the merchandise through price as well as other criteria.

2. Add to the cart
Merchandise up to 100.000 CZK can be added into the cart by clicking the button in the product detail. Orders over 100.000 CZK are being handled individually. Click the "reservation/more info" button and we’ll arrange all the details.

Deliveries to countries outside of Czech Republic are handled individually. Click the "reservation/more info" button, give us your address and we’ll arrange all the details.

3. Enter your details and complete the order
By clicking the „check-out” button you will beginning the ordering process. You are required to enter: personal details, delivery address, chose the delivery and payment method. You will complete the order by clicking „order now”.

4. Order confirmation and payment
You will receive the order confirmation and payment details on the e-mail address you entered in the previous step. If you selected the wire transfer option you will need to wire the money first to complete the order. You will find all the payment details in the e-mail. If you selected the payment upon delivery, you will need to pay once the package is delivered to you.

5. Delivery
You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as your package is dispatched. It will contain the tracking number, which you can use to monitor the status of the delivery. Standard delivery time for Czech Republic is between 2-5 working days depending on when we receive your wire transfer. For international orders the time varies depending on the destination and the delivery service.