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Diamond necklace

CZK 520,000
Tax included
Luxury necklace set with 185 round cut diamonds with a total weight of 12,36 ct, colour G-H and clarity VVS-VS. Set in 18k white gold. Classic and elegant jewellery work, the goldsmith has set the stones from the largest to the smallest. Fitted with a safety catch to prevent accidental opening of the clasp.

Individual diamond sizes are:
1× 0,47 ct
1× 0,45 ct
1× 0,40 ct
4× 0,25 ct
6× 0.20 ct
12× 0,12 ct
24× 0,10 ct
23× 0,07 ct
113× 0,03 ct

This type of necklace can also be searched under the name "tennis necklace". A tennis necklace refers to a type of necklace that has a continuous and complete strand of diamonds, for an elegant and classic look that encircles the full neckline. The length of tennis necklaces are meant to be worn shorter and closer to the neckline. And why is it called a tennis necklace? At the 1987 US Open, tennis star Chris Evert stopped her match and asked officials for a time out because her diamond bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. Evert didn’t want to continue the match until she found her bracelet. In a post game interview, she referred to the diamond bracelet as her “tennis bracelet.” The nickname quickly caught on, and soon enough everyone wanted to own their own tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets became glamorous staples for women, prompting the demand for matching necklaces. Tennis necklaces were later crafted to match the look of a tennis bracelet, creating a new trend for matching accessories in both necklace and bracelet designs.

This is an antique product, the warranty period is 12 months.

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Data sheet

2nd half of the 20th century
Precious metal fineness
Au 750/1000
26,96 g
48,0 cm


The diamond does not contain any inner inclusions.
The diamond contains one minor inner inclusion, which is only visible with a loupe.
The diamond contains two minor inner inclusions, which are only visible with a loupe.
The diamond contains one small or several minor inclusions.
The diamond of a VS2 clarity contains several small inclusions. Under a loupe, these inclusions are easier to recognise in comparison to the VS1 clarity.
SI1 clarity diamond can either contain 2 medium size inclusions or a fair number of small inclusions. These inclusions can be visible with a naked eye.
SI2 clarity diamond has a relatively large number of inclusions, visible with a naked eye.
The diamond contains many inclusions, easily noticeable with a naked eye.


The diamond is completely colourless.
The diamond is almost completely colourless.
The diamond has a slight indication of a colour.
The diamond of this colour is either almost colourless or very lightly coloured.
The diamond appears to be colourless until its compared with colour D or E diamonds.
The diamond has a slight trace of colour. However when set into a jewellery piece, it appears colourless.
Very slightly coloured diamond.
The diamond has a weak shade of yellow.
The diamond has a noticeable yellow shade.

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