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"Coral" - René Roubíček

CZK 38,000
Tax included
Glass object called "Coral" is handcrafted from several colors of thick shaped glass. This collectible piece evokes not only the colours of the underwater world but also the shapes of the sea corals themselves. The designer of this artistic sculpture is the renowned glass artist René Roubíček. The processing was carried out by glass master Josef Rozinek (1911-1992) in Nový Bor in the Hantich glassworks in 1969.

René Roubíček (*1922 - †2018) was a Czech art glassmaker and glass artist. He was one of the leading figures of Czech glassmaking. He was the head of Borský Glass, taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and worked with Moser, Preciosa and many other companies. He lived and worked alternately in Kamenický Šenov and Prague.

This is an antique product, the warranty period is 12 months.

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Data sheet

Nový Bor, Czechoslovakia
René Roubíček, rok 1969
4.1 kg
Cca 33,5 cm
Cca 21,0 cm

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