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Bouquet of Roses - Otakar Kubín

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The painting with the theme of floral still life - "Bouquet of Roses" is a chamber and very high quality work by Otakar Coubin (1883 - 1969). It is an oil on canvas, signed "Coubine" from the 1920s (undated). He responded to the wave of (neo)classicism in this period and achieved international renown.

In the bouquet he played out the effect of complementary colours, red and green, creating maximum contrast, while the rest of the picture area is dominated by ochres, balanced in places by the intervention of cool blues and greys.

The artwork is accompanied by the opinion of art historian and curator Rea Michalová, PhDr. D.

This is an antique product, the warranty period is 12 months.

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Oil on canvas